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Welcome to AdvisorFix. Our Mission is to help Service Advisors develop the skills needed to increase sales, profits, and create client for-life referral relationships. To gain access to your 14-day trial of our on-demand video training simply click the link, or click the can of soup on the left. Enter your code and you are all set! Cheers to your success! Click Here for On-Demand Platform

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Are you ready to take your sales and performance to higher levels? Join the AdvisorFix Online University and get access to the best online Service Advisor training. You'll gain instant access to cutting edge interactive training that will boost your sales skills immediately. The Information provided will motivate, inspire, and teach you the sales skills needed to thrive in today's economy. Our curriculum is built on a solid foundation that enables you to generate immediate results.

As a member of the AdvisorFix Online University, you'll receive the following benefits:

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Kristie P.


"Hi Jeremy, I wanted to let you know that I had a great break through with a customer today. She normally goes to the dealer for her oil change because they are $12 cheaper than us, but she is never happy because they come back with a $1,500.00 repair list every time! She does major maintenance and repairs with us, just not oil changes. She stopped in to see if the coupon she had for us was still good, unfortunately it expired a month ago so she said she was going to the dealer because they had a "special" on oil changes. I was able to ask her if it was worth the aggravation..."


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