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About AdvisorFix

2018 AdvisorFix Circle - Maximize Perfor

Maximize Performance


In 2010, Jeremy O’Neal created Advisor Fix. Jeremy grew up in a service station and began his career in the auto repair industry by washing headlights at 8 years old. He’s been recognized as one of the industry’s most talented and skilled service advisors. Having worked at independent repair facilities, as well as new car dealerships, Jeremy has developed the best real world sales training available to the auto repair industry. Drawing on personal experiences, his material is based in the real world and works for his clients.

Jeremy’s strong focus on customer satisfaction helped him set many still-standing sales records. He had over $250,000 in sales in one month! Jeremy also consistently placed his CSI scores in the 5% nationwide. Jeremy founded Advisor Fix in an effort to help Service Advisors around the world master the skills needed to excel in their field.

Jeremy lives in Wrightwood, CA with his wife, Leah, their 3 children, and Golden Retriever, Sammy.

2018 AdvisorFix Circle - Increase Sales-

Increase Sales with AdvisorFix

Does your auto repair shop need a sales boost?

Jeremy's industry exclusive in shop training programs could be the answer you're searching for. After spending years training service advisors in seminars across the country, Jeremy felt there was something missing. Many service advisors would come to a training seminar and go back to the shop only to experience a short term gain in performance.

Jeremy found the missing link was 2-fold. The first missing link is a comprehensive on-site training program. The second missing feature was a regimented reinforcement training program building on the on-site training. Jeremy's on-site training program gives time-tested, real world training which delivers results and happy customers.

Contact Jeremy for your confidential interview. He'll help determine which shop package is right for you. Contact us or call/text Jeremy.

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