Jeremy did a great presentation with the Dominate google through online positive reviews.

5 AdvisorFix 6/10/2017

Jeremy and AdvisorFix is flat out excellent! He is extremely well-known in the automotive world, yet he still has time for the little people (like me) and he does not let his extensive knowledge and influence in the industry allow him to act any differently. I cannot say the same for many I have met over the years, but one thing I can honestly say is that Jeremy is a TRUE industry leader. If there is ever anything you can learn in which he offers, do yourself a favor and take his guidance with the utmost focus and determination because he will ensure your success. He is the type of gentleman that enjoys seeing others succeed, where many others simply care only of themselves and the message they have to pass along to the masses . I finally met Jeremy in person at NACE this year and it was truly a wonderful experience! I don't just consider Jeremy just an industry leader, I consider him a respectable family man and a wonderful friend! I will ALWAYS support him and AdvisorFix!

5 AdvisorFix 12/3/2016

Jeremy's Training is fantastic. He teaches how to better communicate with customers in a way that puts them at ease and makes the sales come easy. Some of the things he teaches are small tweaks to verbiage or process that will take you from getting a small sale to getting the whole sale. A++

5 AdvisorFix 6/22/2016

Hi Jeremy, I wanted to let you know that I had a great break through with a customer today. She normally goes to the dealer for her oil change because they are $12 cheaper than us, but she is never happy because they come back with a $1,500.00 repair list every time! She does major maintenance and repairs with us, just not oil changes. She stopped in to see if the coupon she had for us was still good, unfortunately it expired a month ago so she said she was going to the dealer because they had a "special" on oil changes. I was able to ask her if it was worth the aggravation to save a few dollars and that we have always been honest and up front with her car inspections not using any scare tactics to get her to buy. I basically sold her on our honest and thorough check overs. In the past I would have just let her walk out and write her off as a cheap customer that doesn't see the value in our service. Thanks for the confidence and skills to turn this one around! :)

5 AdvisorFix 6/15/2016

Jeremy's classes were a breath of fresh air for an adviser that perceived to be stagnant in his career progression. Jeremy influenced me to think outside the SHOP and influenced me to approach my work with a fresh attitude and renewed outlook. Focus on technique specified for the service adviser was most helpful. Jeremy I want to do well enough to some day be considered to train service advisers in the future!!

5 AdvisorFix 4/25/2016

I have worked in the automotive industry for many years and the strategies that AdvisorfFix teaches helped me to reach my personal sales goals. Jeremy is one of the best instructors I have ever met and you can really see how passionate he is when he talks about his own experiences as a service advisor. I would recommend his training to everyone looking to increase their sales and improving their relationship with their clients.

5 AdvisorFix 4/11/2016

Jeremy is by far the best coach in the industry!! He won the ASA President's award and is always bring the best training to automotive repair!

5 AdvisorFix 3/24/2016

Jeremy, below is a brief email I received from one of the Service Writers that attended your class last week. I thought I would pass it onto you. Russell Hey Boss, just letting you know ever since last week’s training class with Jeremy, people just can’t say no! Thanks Graham

5 AdvisorFix 1/22/2016
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