How Awesome Are Your Customers?

What you see in the photo above is a quick and easy way for your to anchor the wonderful customer experience you just delivered to your customer. Most shops have some form of follow-up systems in place, however, the issue I have with most software programs in the automotive repair industry is that they just don't understand how to evoke positive emotions.  Most of the verbiage that is supplied by digital inspection companies and texting services is just boring. Here's what most digital inspection companies will give you in the body of the email you send to your customer: "Here's a link to your vehicle inspection". Really? Come on, my 5th-grade son can think of a better description than that. Are the software developers so buried in writing code that they have forgotten how to talk to human beings? I'll let you be the judge of that. Let's look at another way to invoke positive emotions and also use verbiage that actually makes the sales presentation for you. 

This is a great example of how to sell via email. We live in a new age where you are able to sell via text messaging and email. If you aren't up to speed on these technologies please reach out to me and I'll be happy to help! The point is this, your customers deserve to be blown away by your service. You work too hard during the transaction to allow the ultimate success of your business fall into the hands of a basic script. You're better than that! Use language that captures the imagination, use language that makes people laugh, use language that makes people share their experience with the world! Wouldn't it be great if every customer shared their text message follow up from your shop with all their friends on Facebook? Let's do this! The shop's that spend time on this and really master this process are going to crush their competition and take market share. Are you going to let your competition beat you to this? I hope not, now is the time to embrace the next shift in the automotive repair industry. Make sure your Service Advisors are getting the proper training and coaching and that they know how to anchor these referral moments and create 5-star reviews. At Advisorfix we help our Service Advisors understand how to generate referral business through skills like this. If you really want to dominate your market and create a ton of 5-star reviews, you'll use persuasive language that evokes positive emotions. After all, your customers are awesome! 

Jeremy O'Neal

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